BY Monty Diamond

The Mythology Behind the Golden Harp of Anansi

10,000 years ago, when black men walked the Earth as kings, and the ancient gods ruled from their lair atop the Mountain of Greatness, Anansi the Spider, created a golden harp whose music would heal mankind of their ills. The harp was meant as a reward for what had been a thousand years of peace on Earth. But it was corrupted by a greedy priesthood. Over the millennia the priesthood morphed into a greedy cult.

Now, in the present day, the Cult control the harp’s magnificent power, using it to create natural disasters upon command.  Evil doers the world over pay billions to inflict all manner of holocausts upon their rivals.  And great psychics, turning to the dark side, test their mettle at the group’s impossibly challenging initiation ritual, in hopes of becoming its next billionaire-members.