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The creative talent of Miles Blackwell

A talent roster consisting of celebrated comic book industry professionals.

Monty Diamond

Creator & Writer

Monty Diamond has worked on feature films of all sizes for over 30 years. As UPM or line producer he's worked with great directors including John Schlesinger, Luc Besson, Gillian Armstrong, Jean Jacques Annaud and Bertrand Tavernier.

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Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez

Editor-in-Chief & Executive Producer

Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez is the writer and creator of the critically acclaimed and best-selling graphic novel La Borinqueña which he self-published under his own studio, Somos Arte.

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Khoi Pham


Khoi is a freelance illustrator. He is currently penciling DC Comic's Teen Titans.

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Eric M. Esquivel


Eric M. Esquivel is a Los Angeles based comic book author who has written for Archie Comics.

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Dexter Vines


Dexter Vines is an American comic book artist and inker, known for his collaborations with pencilers such as Steve McNiven and Ed McGuiness.

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GABO is a Wisconsin based Illustrator who has worked for DC Comics, Image Comics and Oni Press.

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Taylor Esposito


Taylor Esposito is a comic book lettering professional and owner of Ghost Glyph Studios.

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