This guy is black, sinewy like a spider – or Miles Davis. In fact, his insect-aspect, which all cult members possess, is that of a giant spider. He exudes danger and risk. But he’s lucky, ruthless and smart, so he’s succeeded in the manner of a long line of wealthy Imprexes before him. His immediate predecessors were his father and grandfather, who were themselves from a long line of West African gold barons. But he is the first Imprex who, upon acceding to the title, decides to make the harp work for vast sums. Accordingly, he has taken the cult to new financial heights, using the harp as the means to do so. He’s much older than he looks – ageless and shrewd, but not necessarily wise, he avoids the study of cult history, thinking only of the future. So he rejects the rather careful, respectful practices of the past. In fact, rather than keep the cult a secret, he’s far more interested in exposing its value, the better to grab the business of a greedy, wicked world. That is why, in an opening scene he’s challenged by a conservative, older member of the group.

His main character trait is that of a gambler. Lots of women, probably no relationship, he was a spoiled kid. His father was also the fabulously wealthy  rice king of west Africa in the Gold Coast. And Lafayette and Henry Manigault and Vanya’s grandfather, son of an Amazon king – would pal around in 20’s Paris – kept in tow by Manigault who had the confidence of their fathers to keep the other boys’ heads screwed on.  When, in the forties, it came Lafayette’s time to run the foundation – he moved the group to New Orleans and started to push the harp for it’s income-producing possibilities.

He’s indulging his desire for power and wealth. He’s drunk with it - and when he sees power, such as that displayed by Miles, he has to have it. He’s not without charity. He can be funny and he genuinely loves his family. But his pathology is such that, while he has charity for others and offers protection to those who need it, he can only reward those who give him something that will benefit him in return. The protection comes because he feels for the downtrodden – those who’ve been vilified by society. That maybe where his anger comes from – the hypocrisy of the world. But he’s a megalomaniac who makes the judgment to go for broke with the harp. His irrationality puts the Harp Foundation in danger. He is Noah’s opposite.

Character design by Khoi Pham
Art Direction by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez


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