He’s fierce like Bob Marley, whom he resembles, but better-looking. He’s a defender of children. Handsome, charismatic and brilliant, there’s a nobility about him in addition to the fierceness. Upright and loved in his community, he uses his skills as a guitarist to form a terrific little band at his local YMCA in inner-city Pittsburgh. He also has a little magic gift which he is aware of, but can’t control. His mother knows of this gift but never mentions it because his late father, whom he idolized, feared it.  Miles both fears and denies his little magic.

When his very successful father died, Miles’ aunt and uncle cheated his mother out of her inheritance. This extreme loss of wealth fuels his desire to succeed and to see his mother back on top. Miles is angry, but his anger doesn’t get the best of him until the destructive behavior of his aunt forces him to act from a sense of revenge. Eventually, he’ll have to deal with his anger.  He will be tested hard and make mistakes. But the goal of the story is for Miles to discover the dark path down which his fears and desires are taking him. It’s a path that will either lead him to destruction or to development of his great magic power – a power he can use to benefit humanity.

Character design by Khoi Pham
Art Direction by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez


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