Henry Manigault. The Crow. Blue-black with a gentle patois, he is, like the Imprex, of an undefined age. He was a youthful friend of Lafayette Imperier when they chummed around together in the Paris of the twenties. But unlike the Imprex, he is part of the Brotherhood, meant to help the One true One who would one day free the harp of Anansi for its original purpose to heal the masses.  So, when Marva left the cult in New Orleans to marry Joe Blackwell, Henry showed up in Pittsburgh soon after. Joe Blackwell scorned Marva’s roots – the magical cult and all of that, and Henry was there to serve as a counter- balance, to watch the young Miles grow. Also, a talented blues guitarist in the Southern blues tradition, he taught Miles how to play from an early age. Tall and lanky, with grey, close-cropped hair and deep blue eyes, Henry only wears black. The Brotherhood are kind counter-foils to the greedy cult members.

Character Design by Khoi Pham
Art Direction by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez


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