James Earl Jones - the kindly aspect. The fatherly aspect – a member of the Brotherhood meant to wait patiently for the coming of the One true One with enough power to free the harp from its captivity.

He plays the bumbling idiot / nurd / librarian whom no one wants to associate with and seems ultimately impractical and unaware of worldly things. He’s scoffed at by cult members as being good at the library, but that’s about all. That’s his outward persona. He’s actually a brilliant scientist and alchemist who provides just the right cover for Miles’ secret studies. In reality he’s brave and willing to sacrifice as are all the seeming Boddhisattvas who help the harp and so help humanity. A great soul. He has all of the answers for Miles, if Miles will listen.

Like the other Brotherhood figure, Henry Manigault, he has a bird aspect – the owl.

Character Design by Khoi Pham
Art Direction by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez


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