Rey is a handsome, 24 year lold Latino, who is a total ladies’ man. He is the one guy at the compound who’s close to Miles’ age and since he works in the kitchen with Miles, the two form a bond. Rey is also funny and provides comic relief  for Miles, reminding him, as he does, of his friends back home in Pittsburgh.

 A protégé of Tenzin, who found him on the streets of New Orleans, Rey is athletic and excellent at all the martial arts. Tenzin has him in training for a spot on the Guard at the compound. So Rey is very devoted to Tenzin and suspicious of his girlfriend, Vanya, whom we suspect has tried to entice him at some point in the past.  To Rey, the magic and mysterious goings on at the cult are none of his concern, whereas for Miles, they awaken his intellectual curiousity.

Character Design by Khoi Pham
Art Direction by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez


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